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The Glass Kingdom & Veteran's Day
Judith Glass Collins

THE GLASS KINGDOM tells the story of two sisters. One, the Glassblower, lives her life in the present with the help of demon rum. Her sister, the Storyteller, remembers the past, but is afraid to accept the truth, and escapes into a fairy tale. Both share a secret and can't let go of the other as the Glassblower's Husband and the Storyteller engage in a power struggle for the life of the Glassblower. In VETERANS' DAY, three male Vietnam Veterans are slated to have a reunion on Veterans' Day, 2007, at the bar owned by one of the three. One veteran does not show. In his stead, an Asian American woman arrives unexpectedly. In the course of the play, we discover that the woman is also a veteran, but from the Gulf War, and that she is the progeny of the third veteran who did not show to the reunion, because he has killed himself. One of the precipitating factors of this suicide is his daughter's rape by one of the men in her unit. This play examines how both the Vietnam War and the Gulf War affected a number of individuals and how women and men experience military service differently. The issue of race contributes to the clash among the three characters on stage as well as the elements of gender, age, and class.

Cast Size: Glass Kingdom (1M 2W) Veteran's Day (2M 1W)
Running Time
Royalty: $40 per performance when produced independently, $60 for both plays

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