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Game Night
John Patrick Bray, Amy Michelle Collins, Bryan Maynard, Carol M. Rice, Lauren Tunnell, Christine Weems, Michael Weems, and L. Robert Westeen.

The Classic Board Game collides with the Modern Theatre in this collection of short plays inspired by the games we've all grown up on. The eight playwrights were randomly paired with a genre and a game, then given 24 hours to write a play. The results were as varied and fun as the games themselves. Chess, Checkers, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry!, Battleship, Monopoly, Candy Land, and Clue! mix with the genres of Comedy, Drama, Mystery and Fantasy - creating a unique evening of theatre unlike any other.

Cast Size: Flexible
Running Time: Varied
Royalty: $60 per performance, $15 for each individual play

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